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Virginia Cleaners is looking for counter people and pressers

... but if you have experience with a pressing machine (which they require), you already know more about that job than I do, so I'll just tell you about the other one.

Extended description for people who like to know what they're actually getting into

Customer service experience is a must, as are attention to detail and the ability to multitask. I know those are standard job description terms, but I really mean it--you're going to be in the middle of doing something when a customer walks in, serve the customer, deal with the special order he brought in immediately, and then have to know where you were in what you were doing and pick up where you left off without forgetting that the customer whose order you're working on prefers her clothes to be tagged with safety pins.

If that doesn't bother you, there's nothing hard about the work itself: receive and return clothes, detail orders in the computer, mark clothes and send them back to the cleaners. Your coworkers are nice people who understand being a new guy, and will be patient with mistakes as long as you're working hard and learning. The majority of them have Spanish as a first language, so speaking some would be great, but it's not actually necessary (the people you'll work with most speak fine English).

Currently the job is part time, although hours will expand in a couple months when business picks up. Midday on weekdays is required (sorry, high school students), and there will be some closing too (i.e. staying until six). Pay starts at $8/hour, with a raise in 2-3 months as you get the hang of it. No benefits except the occasional free frappuccino; you get some vacation days and another raise after a year. You can't live off this job but it's a great way to get some extra cash or supplement another part-time job.

Virginia Cleaners is at 1650 Shattuck Ave. (at Lincoln); it's a short walk from BART and on several bus lines. You can just walk in and fill out an application between 7-6 on weekdays and 9-5 Saturday, or you can call (510) 848-1345. If you want some extra points, show up in black slacks and some kind of presentable top (but most people do show up in street clothes, so don't worry about it too much if you're just going by on your way home).

Summary for people who skim or don't like overly conversational job descriptions:

Serving customers
Receiving and returning clothes
Detailing and marking orders

Multitasking ability
Attention to detail
Customer service experience of some kind

Preferred Skills
Customer service experience at a dry cleaner's
Cash handling experience
Spanish proficiency
Computer experience

Starting Hours/Pay
Part-time, including midday during the week and some late afternoons, for $8/hour with a raise after a few months.

Virginia Cleaners
1650 Shattuck Ave.
(510) 684-7614
Weekdays 7-6
Saturday 9-5

P.S. If you're asked how you heard about the job, you can say something about Elizabeth having posted about it on the internet. Any more detail than that will be wasted.
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