sean (skaneverdies) wrote in berkeleyca,

Missed connection on Telegraph.

Basically have a missed connection here, and it's something I'm kind of bummed out about. Just wondering if someone on ye olde LJ can help me. Don't know if I've ever regretted not talking to someone so much.

Looking for a girl I saw in Berkeley about a week ago walking downTelegraph near Amoeba. Beautiful, tall-ish young woman (early 20s?),with shoulder-length, bright blonde hair, done almost in a 50's bobstyle.

Her style was very much mod a la 1950's, straight solid coloreddress with red shoes and a small red handbag. Walked extremelyconfidently. I know I wasn't the only one with a turned head.

Please, I very much want to contact this girl. If anyone has any ideas, I would be really grateful.
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